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  • Blue Roundhead...

    Blue Roundhead
    Usually associated with summer and autumn, this beautiful Blue Roundhead toadstool was spotted recently, hanging on despite the colder weather.
    Photo: Steve Townsend

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  • House Sparrow...

    House Sparrow
    House Sparrows are in decline, but rural areas are less affected than cities. Look out for this gregarious bird in noisy flocks.
    Photo: Terry Thirlaway

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  • Buzzard...

    It might be relatively common, but a Buzzard is always a magnificent sight.
    Photo: Terry Thirlaway

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  • Penny Bun...

    Penny Bun (Boletus edulis)
    Edible Penny Bun mushrooms are not often found on the Lizard; these were spotted in a spruce plantation recently.
    Photo: Steve Townsend

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